Request For Addition To Abbitt’s Vendor Directory

We appreciate your interest in requesting the addition of your company to Abbitt Management LLC’s vendor directory. Since 1946 Abbitt has been committed to exceptional customer service and all employees of Abbitt are required to deliver optimal customer service at all times. We hold this same requirement for all vendors we conduct business with. How your company provides customer service to our clients is a reflection on Abbitt and subpar customer service cannot be tolerated. Should your company share our commitment to exceptional customer service we invite you to return the below information to us via mail or fax at the address listed above.

Vendor Requirements for Submission

(Please return all items at one time as partial submission will be rejected)

  1. Completed and signed Abbitt/Vendor Agreement (attached)
  2. A completed W-9 (attached). The name listed on the W-9 will determine how checks will be written and when submitting 1099s to the IRS if applicable.
  3. A Certificate of Insurance listing the insured company’s name as listed on the W-9 reflecting proof of:
    • current general liability insurance with minimum coverage of $500,000
    • current worker’s compensation insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000
    • listing Abbitt Management LLC and/or its affiliates as additional insured.
  4. A copy of any of the following as applicable for your type of service:
    • Contractor’s license
    • Company’s business license
    • Registration with State Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
    • Company’s certificate of certified renovation firm (EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulations Lead Based Paint)
    • HVAC Certification

Thank you and again we appreciate your interest in working with Abbitt Management LLC.